15 Awesome Vectorized Car


Looking at other designers’ work can bring a new wave of creativity and inspiration. For today’s inspiration, we have put together a draw-dropping collection of creative car vectors for you.

These vector designs are so realistic and amazing that you will fall in love with them instantly. Creating a good vector car design requires loads of time and efforts, but as you’ll can see from these masterpieces, it’s certainly worth all the time and effort in the end. Now check out the car collection!

Chevrolet Camaro by Haegele Joan

This Chevrolet Camaro car looks real when you first glance at it. The artist has paid attention even to the minute details. The artist has also uploaded different images to show the progress of work which is a nice touch.

Vector Viper GTS by ollite20

This is also 100% pure vector artwork that features a Viper GTS. The unique perspective of this vector car along with the vectorized spinning wheels, glossy finish and the shiny look all combine to make this a truly impressive piece. Plus the lights are turned on which further adds that special spark to it.

The Porsche by bandila

The perspective on this piece is also very unique. Furthermore, the red color used in this artwork makes this piece of vector artwork a heart touching one. The overall car’s finish and detailing are worth noting as well.

Vector car by Michael Shutyak

Muddin’ anyone? This piece takes us back to the country where big trucks are “the thing”. The details to the undercarriage on this ride is what caught our eye.

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