The GoolRC T33 drone is a lightweight quad-copter selfie drone that is  designed and marketed to fit into the low-cost, fold-able drone segment.

Despite its small size and easy to swallow price tag the T33 comes  packed full of technology and advanced features that are commonly found  in the higher-end models.

All in all this brand gives the user more free  accessories; boasts more pros than cons; offers more bang for the buck  over its competitors; and has a ton of real reviews that seem to agree  that it is worth the cost.

Actual owners, professional reviewers and  critics alike have generally positive things to say for this particular  model of fold-able drone.

Pros of GoolRC T33

• Small capacity batteries
• Very short in-air time
• Relatively short range radio signal

The Verdict is In on the GoolRC T33

Now that consumers have purchased, explored, broken, fixed and put  the GoolRC T33 to the proving grounds the consensus seems to be that it  is a fair buy if you are in the market for a beginner level drone that  wouldn’t break the bank to replace.

It is the perfect vehicle for  children or those new to the dynamics of flight and wanting to learn to  become a better drone pilot.

The advanced tech features are enough to  satisfy the most savvy user but simple enough to be taken advantage of  by the push of a button.

The camera quality is good enough to send back  stunning images from endless new angles and with built-in Wi-Fi  capabilities your smart phone immediately receives the data and stores  it for later review. Don’t forget that the same smart phone can be  fitted to the controller and tilted to steer the drone and give it  various commands.

The GoolRC T33 is so well thought out that it has many  people wondering why other companies don’t take the same initiative and  create high tech yet affordable versions for every audience.